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Future Plans

In talking to our visiting scholars from China, Fan Yang and Peng Han, about a paper on social collaboration techniques to support the search for learning objects, I was (re-)confirmed of an interesting topic that might be worth researching in the furture in more depth, perhaps even making it my habilitation topic (listen to me saying this before even knowing the concrete outline of my dissertation!) Smile. Especially professors, who are experts of their fields but do not necessarily have training in educational principles and instructional design, hold implicit pedagogical objectives when teaching. These implicit objectives and attitudes have been built over many years of practice, experiences and convictions. Yet, most of the time, these convictions are not made explict: professors might not even be aware of them. It is an interesting thought to research whether these implicit attitudes can be made explicit, and if making these attitudes explict actually helps professors to select and apply certain pedagogical principles and styles of teaching (or once they are made explicit, if there can be tools that support the pedagogical decision making of professors).