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Action Verbs for writing student learning outcomes, i.e. learning objectives

Today I had a chance to meet up with Suzanne Aurilio and Brock Allen at San Diego State University. The talk we had was very inspiring to me, and I took some ideas, for instance about matching key competencies and significant content areas, back to Germany with me.

As a gift, I received a laminated placemat that features 360 (!) action verbs to support the writing of learning objectives. Brock told me that the idea of the verb list was to inspire instructors to use more meaningful verbs when writing learning outcomes (for instance, the verbs "understand" and "know" are not that useful in writing learning objectives since they leave open what performance might express that someone "knows") and to avoid using the same action verbs in learning outcomes over and over again. The placemat including the 360 action verbs can be downloaded for free at http://ctl.sdsu.edu/action.htm. Smile