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What does IMS Learning Design have to do with icebergs?

It is not all that new, and lots of people use it: the iceberg analogy (look here, here and here). Only a fraction of the iceberg (percentages for this vary between 7 and 10% or so) is above the water and visible, and the rest is beneath the water surface and invisible. In thinking about IMS Learning Design, I felt today that this analogy would do justice: Level A of the IMS LD specification is the part of the iceberg that is above the surface -- it can be seen and be fairly well observed. Level B, however, comprises the much bigger chunk. It is hidden (there are not many applications to look at and observe) and I am still guessing at its true "mass". Level B is described in the specification but its potential and what it enables us to do, remains (for now) hidden. The portion of Level B in comparison to Level A is humongous, of that I am certain. Laughing