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Heyer leaves, Neumann arrives, heyerlevel stays

On a somewhat personal note, I would like to point out today that my name has changed from Susanne Heyer to Susanne Neumann as I got married this month. Certainly, it is not an easy decision to give up one's name, something that has been with you from the start and is the first something of yourself that you hand out to people. As women in the vast majority still take on the names of their husbands, it is hard to be the rebellious one to convince her husband to take on her name instead. However, as it was more important to me to have a "family look", which to me means that all carry the same last name, I decided for the change of my last name. It certainly is an adventure if you consider what is all affected by that "small" change, starting from legal documents to rental contracts, business cards, email addresses, web domains... I probably will never have so much to do with administrative offices as in this time after my wedding.

So, all my publications from now on will be under the name of Susanne Neumann. Nevertheless, I keep posting on heyerlevel.de -- as a reminiscence.