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IMS Learning Design modelling software now available on sourceforge

The software Graphical Learning Modeller (GLM), which we have been developing with our team at the University of Vienna (the team consisting of Philipp Prenner, Stefan Zander, Petra Oberhuemer and I, Susanne Neumann), is now available for download on sourceforge.net as open source (Requirements: Windows Operating System; Java 1.6). The Reload Learning Design Editor served as the foundation for our developments as we extended the Reload tool. The GLM version that we made available at this point is conformant to Level A of the IMS Learning Design Specification. Right now we are working on implementing Level B as well (an analysis of Level B has been published in the Lecture Notes in Computer Science; view paper here). New versions of the GLM will also be placed on sourceforge.

Our approach to interpreting the quite complex IMS Learning Design specification was to create a more intuitive and graphical interface for the instructional designer. The advantage of using the GLM is that you do not need to know the entire IMS Learning Design specification in order to design units of learning. Instead, you just need the "basic" vocabulary and concepts like learning activity, support activity and environment (which holds resources and services like chat, forum). After arranging and connecting your activities, the software automatically interprets your design and makes it compliant to the IMS Learning Design specification. Voila! You may then export a unit of learning zip file (content package) that holds the imsmanifest.xml.

This work was supported by the European Union Research and Development Project PROLIX, which is funded under the sixth framework programme Information Society and Technologies.