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New version of GLM 0.4.6 available on sourceforge

Screenshot of IMS Learning Design modelling software GLMThe team at the University of Vienna (Philipp Prenner, Stefan Zander, Petra Oberhuemer and Susanne Neumann) has improved the GLM (Graphical Learning Modeller, and IMS Learning Design modelling environment aimed at teaching practitioners) on feedback received from test users. There are level B functionalities (advanced learning design functions) now available for (what we hope to be) easy use. You may download the GLM version 0.4.6 at sourceforge. Please give us feedback!

We are also currently running several evaluation sessions with instructors from the University of Vienna, who are not knowledgable of IMS Learning Design. We let them design one prescribed learning design and one learning design from their own teaching context. A conversion of the units of learning created by the test users into the university's learning management system fronter (announcement on fronter's German webpage) is not possible, since fronter does not support IMS LD. Therefore, the GLM will most likely serve as a planning tool to the university's instructors rather than the actual creation and import of units of learning.

Additional comment on 2008/07/10: View the manual on how to use the GLM to find quick as well as detailed instructions.