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GLM version 0.4.7 available

 Although this announcement is sort of late, I do not want to miss the chance to announce our new version of the GLM0.4.7, which is available for download from sourceforge. This version features a library of pre-configured templates of instructional methods (shown in picture below), which can be dragged & dropped onto the workspace and all related activities and roles automatically appear. Furthermore, version 0.4.7 includes improvements in the interface, which are based on the evaluation results we obtained from a study with instructors at the University of Vienna. It turned out that the biggest problems for the instructors were caused by the level B concepts (packaged under "Interactions" in version 0.4.6) and the concept of environment. We therefore changed these two concepts: Interactions became "Add-ons" to activities, and environments became "Tools & materials", since this term better expresses what is contained in environments. Added on 08/05/2009: We have also made available an instruction manual for the GLM.


 Templates in GLM