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Successful wrap-up of IMS Learning Design Expert Workshop

Work group at the IMS Learning Design Expert WorkshopIn cooperation with PROLIX, we organized an expert workshop for IMS Learning Design at the University of Vienna, which was held on November 20 & 21, 2008. The goal of the workshop was to bring together expertise from across Europe in order to develop solutions to common problems that had been experienced with IMS LD.

Twelve experts first worked out a vision of what IMS Learning Design could be ten years from today. They then brainstormed problems they have had when working with the specification. After having collected and grouped the problems, five main areas of problems emerged:

1.    Life Cycle (of a learning design): unpractical separation of editing and runtime environment
2.    Adoption (of IMS LD): benefits and opportunities of an adoption vs. risks and threats
3.    Interoperability: how IMS LD connects to other standards & technologies
4.    Level B Notation: how to present level B functions in a user interface
5.    Usability & Utility: interpreting IMS LD for teaching and learning practice

Each expert then decided which main problem he or she wanted to work on. Three groups were formed for solution development: One group for problem 1, and two groups for problem 5. The developed solutions were presented at the end of the workshop including concrete problem and goal statements, descriptions of the solution as well as estimations of the effort and barriers to the solutions’ implementation. The experts are now writing a report that contains the outcomes of the workshop. Publication is planned to take place in early 2009.