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IEEE "one unique author registration" hinders ICALT publication?

The International Conference on Advanced Learning Technologies ICALT 2009 is held in Riga (Latvia) this year. Our team wrote two short papers for two workshops at this conference, one about the description format for teaching methods, titled "Towards a Unified Format for Describing Teaching Methods", and one paper on an evaluation whether the Graphical Learning Modeler supports visualization in instructional design processes, titled "Visualizing learning designs using IMS Learning Design: the position of the Graphical Learning Modeler".

ICALT is organized by IEEE's Computer Society and Technical Committee on Learning Technology. As my colleague Michael Derntl informed me, IEEE has placed the rule of "one unique author registration". This means that for each paper one presenter is registered, i.e. pays the conference fee. Therefore, I don't register for the conference as a presenter, but I register for each paper at the conference that I am going to present. That means if one person from our team flies to present both papers, IEEE demands that that person registers and thus pays the entire conference fee twice including dinners, coffee breaks etc. If you don't do that, the paper without an author registration will not be included in the proceedings. If you register and don't show, the paper will furthermore be removed from all places where access to the paper may be provided by IEEE.

This is unheard of, and I hope lots of people complain about this rule. What is the intent of IEEE? Generating more income? Getting authors to contribute fewer papers? Wanting more people to attend the conference? Wanting presenters to gain weight because now they have to eat twice the food since they paid for two dinners? Let's see what effects that has on the community who has contributed to IEEE conferences before.