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Report on the Standardized Description of Instructional Models

 It's been quiet on heyerlevel.de. So I thought I'd break the silence with an important report that we finished in 2009 as part of our ICOPER work package on instructional modelling. Specifically, this report captures our understanding of the status quo on the standardized description of instructional models. Next to introducing a framework for good teaching practice, we also describe an investigation into capturing teaching methods. We created a template for describing teaching methods, and evaluated this template with instructors from around the world in two phases: one phase for authors and one phase for readers of  teaching methods. Based on the evaluation results, we revised the template. Last but not least, we translate the evaluated template into an (extended) LOM metadata schema that could be used to store teaching methods in a repository.

I am proud to mention that Stephen Downes thinks that everyone working "in this area" should read our report Smile.