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Teachers' Understanding of IMS Learning Design: Yes they can!

Together with my colleagues Michael Derntl, Dai Griffiths and Petra Oberhuemer we published an article on an investigation into teachers' understanding of IMS Learning Design. This article will appear in this year's EC-TEL conference proceedings (Lecture Notes in Computer Science). Here is the abstract of the article:

In order to understand whether conceptual obscurity is truly the reason for the slow uptake of IMS Learning Design (LD), we have initiated an investigation into teachers' understanding of IMS LD outside of technological environments. Using paper representations of IMS LD component and method elements at levels A and B ("snippets"), 21 higher education teachers from nine countries recreated a prescribed textual learning design. Results showed that the teachers achieved an average conformity of 78% with a prototypical expert solution after watching a 45-minute IMS LD introduction. Despite successfully using IMS LD's elements, teachers reported having difficulties understanding the concepts environment, property, role-part, and condition. We conclude that the specification per se does not present an insuperable obstacle for teachers, and that from a usability perspective the calls for a new or modified LD specification might be premature, since most obstacles can be overcome with appropriate abstractions in LD tools.