03/30/06  (susheyer)  [1 Comments]

Hokanson & Hooper: Taxonomy of Instructional Design

I reviewed Hokanson & Hooper's paper because it is relevant to my dissertation topic, where I create a taxonomic schema for pedagogical methods, especially ones that relate to the use of media. The approach that Hokanson & Hooper took is laudable. It is even more praiseworthy if we consider as they state themselves that there is no such thing as a taxonomy for instructional methods thus far. The paper is definitely worth a read. However, their taxonomy reminds me very much of Bloom's taxonomy. My impression is that they stayed too close to the popular role model. Also, I believe that a one-dimensional taxonomy as proposed by Hokanson & Hooper is not enough to describe a system for instructional methods that ought to cover multiple facets of learning, such as collaboration, affection, cognition as well as distance learning. Finally, I think within their taxonomy they mixed several layers, meaning the granularity of the levels differs. A taxonomy for instructional methods, however, should provide rules for creating single layers as well as for differentiating between layers of different granularity (see Michael Polanyi's theory of ontological stratification for further information).